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Spring Manor Assisted Living

1780 NW 112th Terr., Coral Springs, FL 33071.
License # AL9038

Administrator : Preet Sahi.


Spring Manor Assisted Living was founded in 1996 and is located in the upscale community of CYPRUS RUN in an elite area of Coral Springs. It is accessible from Atlantic Blvd. and Coral Springs Dr. and is just about 2 miles from Sawgrass Expressway.

The facility is equipped for adverse conditions like a Hurricane and is approved by the County Emergency Management Division. An automatic Generator on the premises powers the entire facility including the Air Conditioning, All appliances and electrical for 5 days. Ample supply of food, medications, PPE and supplies are kept on the premises at any given time.

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Inspections :
As per the State regulations, 6-bed Assisted Living Facilities are inspected routinely by the following governing agencies:

  • County Health Department.
  • County Emergency Management Division
  • Local Fire Department.
  • Ombudsman Council.
  • State Agency for Health Care Administration
Agency for Health Care Administration conducts Biennial Inspections to approve the renewal of the facility license.

Deficiency Free Inspections for Biennial survey:

  • December 2020 : No Deficiencies
  • April 2009: No Deficiencies
  • April 2007: No Deficiencies
  • April 2005: No Deficiencies
  • April 2003: No Deficiencies
  • April 2001: No Deficiencies
  • July 1999: No Deficiencies